Storytelling: Visualization - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

storytelling: visualization

During the interactive and hands-on Storytelling masterclasses, participants learn about – ánd actively practice – storytelling techniques to effectively influence decision makers and other relevant stakeholders. After all, any insights or advices stemming from rigorous analytics are of little value when they are not acted upon.

Topics addressed during the masterclass on visualization

In this masterclass the explicit focus lies on developing effective visualizations with data. Besides learning about some of the most crucial fundamentals of any storytelling practice (such as data visualization, online storytelling, presenting to management teams), you learn many new skills that make your visualization more effective. We discuss all kinds of visualizations, from infographics and charts to pictures, icons, and 3D visualizations. You will be inspired by the many useful do’s and don’ts that will be shared on the use of colours, the choices in your design, and the media you best use to realize your objective. You will receive a variety of tips and tricks for building powerful slide decks. Also, the psychological mechanisms behind particular choices are shared. And you will be inspired by more advanced dynamic visualizations that can effectively display developments, trends, and have a mesmerizing effect on your audience.