People Analytics program - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

People analytics program: develop your evidence based HR function or individual people analytics translator skills

The People Analytics Program essentially consists of the  Analytics Translator Program and/or the Data-Driven Business Program, but with a specific focus on the HR function, HR Analytics solutions, and the development of analytics translator skills among HR professionals and people managers. Please have a look at the other two programs to familiarize yourself with the content.

For whom?

  • HR Leadership and HR management teams reconsidering the strategic orientation of their HR organization in an increasingly data-driven world and business context.
  • HR Leadership and management teams aiming to transform their HR business towards a data- and/or AI-driven business.
  • HR Professionals who have the ambition and potential to bridge the gap between data experts and business professionals.


Have a look at the  Analytics Translator Program and/or the  Data-Driven Business Program to get an idea of the tangible output that the programs deliver to you and your organization.