Storytelling: Presenting online - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

storytelling: Online storytelling

During the interactive and hands-on Storytelling masterclasses, participants learn about – ánd actively practice – storytelling techniques to effectively influence decision makers and other relevant stakeholders. After all, any insights or advices stemming from rigorous analytics are of little value when they are not acted upon.

Topics addressed during the masterclass on online storytelling

In this masterclass the explicit focus lies on effectively presenting in online sessions. Since the COVID pandemic, online meetings, online presentations, and online events have become a common practice. Still, very often basic online storytelling skills are lacking, or more advanced functionalities are not (optimally) used. Can you for example easily position yourself besides your presentation? Can you share your presentation on your laptop while still seeing all participants in thee session? And how to include system sound without having to stop the sharing of the presentation? You will also learn about (and experience) how to optimize the positioning of your camera, your sound settings, and the acoustics and lightning in your room. Many practical do’s and don’ts that will be shared, from which you will benefit in every single online meeting that you will attend after this masterclass.