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Build your data-driven organization while using proven approaches

Every organization is different. But best-practices have emerged over the last years for (re)defining your analytics strategy, building your people analytics function, and developing analytics translator skills. Let’s make use of the lessons learnt by other organizations.


Already hundreds of professionals from all over the globe have already participated in this Analytics Translator Program. In this 6-day program your employees are trained in their role of analytics translator while developing a concrete use-case. This use-case directly addresses a real-life problem or opportunity in your organization. So, while developing their analytics translator skills, the participants develop a details proposal for a data/analytics/AI-solution for one of your strategic challenges.


The development of specific data/analytics/AI solutions will not make a sustainable impact if the organizational context does not serve as an optimal breeding ground for the development and implementation of such solutions. The Data-Driven Business program is a management program in which you as a management team develop the roadmap towards the data-driven business you would like to be. You – as a team – formulate your ambition, identify the critical success areas, set the milestones, and formulate the concrete actions to realize the ambition.

People Analytics PROGRAM

The People Analytics Program consists of the Analytics Translator Program and/or the Data-Driven Business Program, but with a specific focus on the HR function, HR Analytics solutions, and the development of analytics translator skills among HR professionals. Have a look at the other two programs to familiarize yourself with the content.