Analytics translator: Operationalizing - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

analytics translator: operationalization

During the interactive and hands-on Analytics Translator masterclasses, participants develop a specific sub competency of the analytics translator profile. The focus lies on applying the newly acquired knowledge directly on one’s own organizational context or a self-selected real-life case. Thus, theory is put into practice immediately, and value is being created for both the participant ánd the organization. 

Topics addressed during the masterclass on operationalization

The actual data you will use for your analysis will to a large extent determine the value of your analyses. Often, professionals depart from the data they have. Well, we don’t. After a carefully executed process to identify your strategic business problem (or opportunity), select your analytical goals, formulate your analytical questions, and construct your conceptual model, you want the data that most accurately represents the factors you want to include in your analyses. And that’s not necessarily the data that happens to be in your system by coincidence. In this masterclass you learn to operationalize your concepts in such a way that they represent a valid and reliable measure of your concepts. So, when you want to measure employee satisfaction, you don’t use the employee engagement data that are already in your system. Or at least not without carefully considering the pros and cons. How to select, develop, or buy the proper measures or even data itself? The masterclass ends with drafting the data-gathering approach for your self-selected analytics case.