Data-driven business program - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

Data-Driven Business program: build the optimal organizational context for data solutions to make a sustainable impact

Is your leadership aiming to further mature the organization towards a true data-driven business? Does your organization experience a need to make better use of data, analytics, and AI to stay ahead of competition? Or are you struggling with developing a shared vision and future-proof business strategy?

And then, are you ready to transform your vision and ambitions into concrete milestones and actions? Do you not exactly know how and where to start your digital transformation? Do you need a ready-to-execute implementation plan, comprising measurable objectives, concrete actions, the associated timelines, and a clear overview of who owns which actions? Do you want the interdependencies between business areas to be identified, and the milestones in these various disciplines to be aligned?

The data-driven business program guides you towards a shared and broadly supported vision on what a data-driven business actually is and what it means to your organization. As leaders, you develop a set of specific ambitions, tailored to the organization’s context. Here, the process of strategic ownership, and true business impact starts. The program guides you through the process of determining critical success areas, formulating concrete milestones, and identifying the interdependencies. Together with subject matter experts from the various disciplines involved (e.g., IT, legal, HR, finance, operations), an overarching roadmap and action plan per critical success area are developed. Ready to be executed.

For whom?

  • Leadership and management teams reconsidering the strategic orientation of their organization in an increasingly data-driven world and business context.
  • Leadership and management teams aiming to transform their business towards a data- and/or AI-driven business.


In a series of inspiring and highly interactive pressure cooker sessions, ánd in and in collaboration with subject matter experts from disciplines involved (e.g., IT, legal, HR, finance, operations), the participants develop the following deliverables:

  • Explicitly formulated shared vision on what a data-driven business means in the specific context your organization operates in.
  • Explicitly formulated data-driven business ambition, tailored to the organization’s context
  • Shared language, understanding, and commitment among the participants on the formulated vision and ambition.
  • Overarching roadmap with concrete milestones per critical success area, in which interdependencies are identified.
  • Concrete action plan per critical success area to realize these milestones, including agreed upon ownership and timelines for the specific actions.