People analytics applied: Recruitment - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

People Analytics applied: Recruitment & Selection

During the interactive and hands-on People Analytics Applied masterclasses, participants learn how to apply people analytics in practice. The focus lies on calculating and interpreting metrics as well as analytics. Theory is put into practice immediately. Besides practicing with pre-prepared case-studies, participants can also bring along the data from their own organization. 

Topics addressed during the masterclass on recruitment & selection:

Recruitment indicators such- as average cost per hire, average cost of assessment, average number of days to hire, average number of days to fill key positions, recruitment quality index, turnover rate of new recruits, quit rate of new hires, offer acceptation rate, referral hire rate, re-hire rate, interviewee satisfaction rate 

Recruitment indicators such as volume and yield (total number of applicants, yield of hires from applicants); diversity (demographic characteristics of applicants); applicant reactions (judgments about the quality of the process); quality of attributes of the talent (pre-hire predictive measures of quality); value of impact of the talent (measures of actual job performance)