Storytelling: Fundamentals - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

storytelling: fundamentals

During the interactive and hands-on Storytelling masterclasses, participants learn about – ánd actively practice – storytelling techniques to effectively influence decision makers and other relevant stakeholders. After all, any insights or advices stemming from rigorous analytics are of little value when they are not acted upon.

Topics addressed during the masterclass on the fundamentals of storytelling

In this masterclass the explicit focus lies on effectively presenting in an offline setting, thus in a physical setting. You learn how about fundamentals of presenting. From aligning the objectives, set-up and content of your presentations with the composition of your audience, their needs, experience, and preferences. You learn – and experience – how your positioning in the room as well as the setup of the room impacts the experience of the audience. Just like the use of sound, music, and also silence. You learn how to design and structure your presentation effectively. The value of proven methods such Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle and the application of the narrative arc will be demonstrated, so that you can experience their usefulness. You practice with how to sell your idea, and how to create demand for your idea.