People Analytics Applied: Introduction - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

People Analytics applied: introduction

During the interactive and hands-on People Analytics Applied masterclasses, participants learn how to apply people analytics in practice. The focus lies on calculating and interpreting metrics as well as analytics. Theory is put into practice immediately. Besides practicing with pre-prepared case-studies, participants can also bring along the data from their own organization. 

Topics addressed during the introduction:

During the introduction masterclass of the People Analytics Applied series, participants (re)shape their ideas on what people analytics is and what it can contribute to the organization. They learn about the differences between data, metrics, en true analytics. Based on practical examples and exercises the participants experience for which purposes metrics should be use, and in which instances true analytics would be more beneficial for the organization. All subsequent masterclasses in the people analytics applied series will be structured around the topics data, metrics, and analytics.