Analytics translator: Analytics goal and question - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

analytics translator: Analytics goal and question

During the interactive and hands-on Analytics Translator masterclasses, participants develop a specific sub competency of the analytics translator profile. The focus lies on applying the newly acquired knowledge directly on one’s own organizational context or a self-selected real-life case. Thus, theory is put into practice immediately, and value is being created for both the participant ánd the organization. 

Topics addressed during the masterclass on the analytics goal and question

Once a business problem has been selected and thoroughly described and quantified, the specific analytical approach needs to be selected. In this masterclass you learn the identify the appropriate analytical objective(s) and related question(s). What would as most value? To explore key drivers of a specific problem? To statistically validate that the problem causes different effects in different business units? Or to evaluate the extent to which a previous intervention has been effective? Many analytical goals may be of interest to you and you leadership, but what analyses deserve priority? Which analysis should precede another analysis to assure maximum impact. And of course, what specific analytics questions belong to these specific analytical goals. You learn how to iteratively finetune your business problem, analytics goal, and analytics question in such a way that it’s convincing for your leadership and unambiguous for your data analysts.