Analytics translator: Business context - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

analytics translator: business context

During the interactive and hands-on Analytics Translator masterclasses, participants develop a specific sub competency of the analytics translator profile. The focus lies on applying the newly acquired knowledge directly on one’s own organizational context or a self-selected real-life case. Thus, theory is put into practice immediately, and value is being created for both the participant ánd the organization. 

Topics addressed during the masterclass on business context

Any analytics initiative should be aimed at contributing to the organization’s objectives, thus solving strategic problems or taking advantage of strategic opportunities. But what are these problems and opportunities? In this masterclass you learn to systematically analyse the macro, meso, and micro context of the organization with proven methods such as DESTEP analysis, Porter’s 5-forces analysis, and McKinsey’s 7-S framework analysis. Participants learn how to use the results to execute a rigorous confrontation analysis of the external opportunities and threats in relation to the internal strengths and weaknesses. Based in this systematic process, participants identify the most threatening problem areas (or promising opportunities) to focus their analytics initiatives on.