Masterclasses - Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD
People Analytics Applied

During the interactive and hands-on People Analytics Applied  masterclasses, participants learn how to apply people analytics in practice. The focus lies on calculating and interpreting metrics as well as analytics. Theory is put into practice immediately. Besides practicing with pre-prepared case-studies, participants can also bring along the data from their own organization. The following masterclasses are available in the People Analytics Applied series:

Analytics translator

In the series Analytics Translator masterclasses, participant learn experience énd apply each step of the process that analytics translators follow in building a data/analytics/AI solution from scratch. This includes for example building a rock-solid business case around the solution; clearly formulating the problem definition (business problem, analytical goal, analytics questions), modelling the solution, preparing te data gathering, identifying the most effective storytelling approach to make thee relevant stakeholders sign off on your ideas.   The following masterclasses are available in the Analytics Translator series:


No impact without convincing storytelling. During the inspirational Storytelling masterclasses participants learn how to get their message effectively across to their stakeholders. The masterclasses focus on the development of hands-on data-visualization skills, as well as more fundamental learnings around the structure of stories, the do’s and don’t in delivery, and the potential of nudging and subliminal messaging.  The following masterclasses are available in the Storytelling series: