In-company training | Sjoerd van den Heuvel PhD

What are your learning objectives? Who is the audience?

Choose the training that best fits the learning objectives of your employees. Do you have multiple target groups whit different objectives? Then an end-to-end training program will be tailored to your needs. 

Awareness & Inspiration

Is your organization at the beginning of the Data Driven Business or People Analytics journey? Do you need to foster enthusiasm about improving organization results with data? And are you aiming to inspire your employees or management with concrete examples and exercises on applying data driven decision making or people analytics in practice? The awareness & Inspiration sessions are effective stepping stones for starting (or boosting) your exiting journey. 

Vision & Ambition

Is your (HR or business) leadership aiming to further mature the organization in Data Driven Business or People Analytics? The vision and ambition sessions guide you towards a shared and supported vision on what Data Driven Business or People Analytics actually is and what it means to your organization. Together, you develop a set of specific ambitions, tailored to the organization’s context. Here, the process of ownership, and true business impact starts.

Readiness & Roadmap

Are you ready to put your vision and ambitions into actions? The readiness and roadmap sessions guide you through the process of determining critical success areas, formulating concrete milestones, identifying interdependencies. Together with subject matter experts from the various disciplines involved (e.g. IT, legal, HR, finance, operations), and overarching roadmap and action plan per critical success area are developed. Ready to be executed.

Tailored trainings

Do you have specific requests to make the in-company training fit your objectives even better? Or does your audience require a specific approach? No problem, inform us and the sessions are tailored to your specific needs.