Are you a training agency? Looking for training sessions for a diverse group of participants?

Choose the training that best fits the learning objectives of your target participants. Participants are mostly professionals relatively new in the field of Business Analytics or People Analytics. The trainings are an effective introduction, while combining learning and doing. 

Business analytics

This hands-on training you learn to execute a business analytics project from start to end. From identifying the true business problem, formulating a sharp problem definition with a coherent analytics-goal and analytics-question, to developing a conceptual model and identifying the specific data required. You learn to produce effective infographics, and to apply storytelling techniques to get your message across and to influence decision makers. During the training you work (together with colleagues) on a real-life case from your own organization, so that you can put your learnings into practice right away.  

people analytics

In this hands-on training you learn to apply people analytics to one or more specific people-themes. The themes are absenteeism, employee retention, training & development, recruitment & selections, employee engagement, and employee performance. With each theme you learn about the Logic (the theory behind the theme), the Measures (what data is required and how to gather this data), the Analytics (which analysis most helpful), and the Process (of dealing with this theme in practice). During the training you work with complex case-studies and large data sets, and you practice with executing the analyses in Microsoft Excel (or SPSS)